I am an incredibly committed and passionate evolutionary astrologer. I have been so inspired by the continuous mind-blowing answers, guidance and transformative power of understanding my own chart and am dedicated to bringing that same level of understanding to my clients so you can live your best life! 

In an Evolutionary Astrology consultation we look at the chart as a blueprint of soul. We can look at the big picture, the meaningful questions, existential questions as well as the day to day details. 

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“I feel validated, seen, heard, guided and encouraged on a whole different level.” Christine NS – Canada

“In November of 2022, I received an astrology reading from Janine Opheim. The reading was exceptionally informative and helpful. While I have had a number of astrology readings, this reading went much deeper than any I received before. Janine presented the information in a clear and kind manner. She provided explanations and answered questions in detail. When going over the more challenging aspects of my astrological chart, Janine presented positive ways that the aspects could be used. It was clear that Janine’s passion was supporting me, her client, through her gift of astrological interpretation. I strongly recommend Janine if you want to deeply understand your astrology.” Gail C – USA